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Travel note: Milan,Italy.


Usually Italy associates with delicious food: pasta, pizza, lasagne etc. However, there is much more to see in Italy than food, and in this post you will find must sees in Milan!

First things first:

  • Milan is the second biggest city of Italy after Rome
  • Located in the north of Italy
  • Holds fashion week yearly

I have been to Rome 2 years ago and honestly did not like it that much. So I had a feeling that I am not going to like Milan either before I went there, and boy was I wrong. Now Milan is one of my favourite cities in Europe, and I believe is a must visit for everyone. This is my personal top 4 places to see in Milan.


One of the most amazing cathedral churches I have ever seen. The atmosphere inside is incredible, and if you go there on Sunday, you might be lucky enough to hear organ music, which fills the cathedral and makes it magical! Moreover you can get on top of the cathedral and observe the city from above. Also the fact that it took 6!!! centuries to build is impressive (1).


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Located fairly near Milan (1-1,5 hours by train) the atmosphere of the place is completely different. Even thought the lake is surrounded by quite busy towns, somehow it is peaceful. There is a beautiful castle on the lake shore, and you can also find there super delicious pizza (located in Desenzano del Garda, Pizzeria Kapperi).


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Lake Como is quite close to Milan, 1 hour by train only. And even though Como is smaller than Garda, it is in no way less beautiful. The view is incredible: water, Alps, beautiful villas on the lake shore. The nature is so amazing that some scenes from Star Wars Episode 2 and James Bond Casino Royal were shot in Como (thanks to my friend Elizabeth, who told me this info). I don’t have enough word to describe the beauty of this place, so I will just leave lots of picture in here. If you happen to be in Milan, this is absolutely must see.


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Last, but not least, is “Blue note” jazz club. There you will see and hear all the magic of live jazz/ blues and get a feeling like you are in some kind of 1920s american movies. So if you plan to visit Milan, check out their program and definitely go and see. I have been there twice now and it was so awesome that I cannot even describe my emotions. I cannot wait to visit Milan again and go there. Unfortunately I do not have any videos or proper pictures from there, but I will just leave here a picture with my partner in crime before the show of “Three ladies of blues” started.

P.S. I think now we have some awesome ideas what we could do when we are 60+ 🙂


Surely, there is much more things to see in Milan, but these are my personal favourites, the one place I would really love to go is La Scala theatre, so hopefully one day I can make it.

Please check out some useful links below, I hope this post has inspired you to pack your things and fly to Milan 🙂

May the force be with you!



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3 reasons why you are not reaching your goals and what to do about them.

Do you get a feeling like you are working very hard, but your dream is still so far away? Why is this happening? There are multiple reasons for that, and if you are reading this, you are looking for an answer how to change this situation.

1. You are wasting your time on side activities, which have nothing to do with your final goal.

What to do? Do the following exercise for 1 week: after each day, before you go to sleep, write what you have done today, preferably with a time frame for each activity. When you will have 7 days filled up, look at every day and check, what are the “automated” activities, which you do as a habit, but you don’t really have to do them? Or at least not every day? Maybe you are spending too much time on a computer or phone? This exercise will help you to see the current state of your life, and it will be the first step to changes.

2. You are not scheduling.

What to do? Going with a flow is good sometimes, but if you are determined you need to make some kind of a schedule for a day, or a week, it will help you keep the time frames for your activities and you will have sometime freed up if you follow the schedule.

3. Your goal is unrealistic.

What to do? Sit down and think: “are my expectations too high?”. Because in very many cases they are! We can achieve many things we want, but unfortunately we cannot all be successful movie stars or billionaires. So do not be harsh to yourself and be realistic.


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How to motivate yourself?

I believe it comes from a human nature as we are quite lazy creatures. Very often it feels like you do not know where you are heading and how to force yourself to “leave a couch” and start moving towards your goals. So how to find motivation?

First of all, start doing what you actually like and enjoy! There is no better motivation than loving what you do.

Secondly, just stop for a moment and think: what is your goal? what do you want to achieve? But just thinking of something you want or wish is far not enough. When you decide what is it you want, you will need to make a plan; what do you need to do in order to achieve it? That can include 2 steps, or it can include much more than that, write it down, and when you do, you will clearly see your action plan!

Example: goal- study in Germany

Action plan:

  • Choose university (ies) and degree program(es)
  • Improve language skills: go to courses/start online studies/ learn by yourself
  • Earn some money in order to support your living in a new country
  • Check the job situation in Germany, what is unemployment rate?

Thirdly, after you know your action plan – go for it! From that moment, when you do something, you should ask yourself: ” does this help me to achieve my goal or am I wasting my time?“.

Finally, think of people around you, do they motivate you? do they push you to develop yourself and improve your skills? If not, please try to expand your network to people, who will keep pushing you forward and give you some challenge, so you can go an extra mile. I do not mean to stop communication with your good friends, but I do think that we need to get out from our comfort zone in order to achieve something!
Always remember, that you can achieve anything if you put an effort to it! And stay realistic, changes do not happen overnight, but small steps will push you towards your dream!