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Why are we making our lives difficult?

I have been thinking a lot lately about why so many people are unsatisfied with their lives. Why do we make our lives difficult, when in reality it is so easy? Why do we keep worrying about unimportant stuff?

First of all, high expectations very often bring us big disappointments and therefore affect our emotional state. The desire to develop yourself and your life conditions is natural and good, but sometimes we lose touch with the reality, especially because of  the social media. We see amazing pictures of people and places, and we think: “My life sucks, because I am not like them”. However, we do not know the background story behind those pictures, and truth is, it is not always that “beautiful”. Because of the affect of the social media, we stopped appreciating what we have, and we started to live in the yet-to-come future, where we believe we can achieve that. Being delusional is what ruins our enjoyment from the things we have, and just focusing us on the things we could have or maybe will have, which in really we might never have, nobody knows. Healthy development and growth is amazing, but very often we drown in our illusions.

Secondly, our social circle has crucial affect on our level of satisfaction with our lives. How so? Well we often compare ourselves with people we know, and if our friend gets promotion and we don’t, we start thinking and comparing ourselves to him/her, whereas the only person we should compare ourselves is us.

Thirdly, we create problems where they just don’t exist. If you have loved ones around you, food and roof above your head- you have all the basic stuff you need. So when your problem is that you cannot buy a second car, or you cannot afford jeans from some expensive brand- you have no problem!

Finally, we are trying to be so independent, that in the end of the day, we end up being lonely. And surely, the social media has a huge impact on this, we start transitioning into society where social contact is decreased to the minimum. While it has many benefits, and we can call and send documents throughout the world within seconds, it creates a rift in face-to-face communication.

When we start enjoying every moment of our lives and appreciating all the things we have, instead of being disappointed about the ones we don’t, we will find true feeling of happiness.

P.S. As my mum says: “If it is a problem, which you can solve, why worry about it? If it is a problem you cannot solve, why worry about it?”


May the force be with you!




2 thoughts on “Why are we making our lives difficult?

  1. If we can be fine with ourselves, we will be ok! We accept ourselves first. We live with ourselves more than anybody else!


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