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3 reasons why you are not reaching your goals and what to do about them.

Do you get a feeling like you are working very hard, but your dream is still so far away? Why is this happening? There are multiple reasons for that, and if you are reading this, you are looking for an answer how to change this situation.

1. You are wasting your time on side activities, which have nothing to do with your final goal.

What to do? Do the following exercise for 1 week: after each day, before you go to sleep, write what you have done today, preferably with a time frame for each activity. When you will have 7 days filled up, look at every day and check, what are the “automated” activities, which you do as a habit, but you don’t really have to do them? Or at least not every day? Maybe you are spending too much time on a computer or phone? This exercise will help you to see the current state of your life, and it will be the first step to changes.

2. You are not scheduling.

What to do? Going with a flow is good sometimes, but if you are determined you need to make some kind of a schedule for a day, or a week, it will help you keep the time frames for your activities and you will have sometime freed up if you follow the schedule.

3. Your goal is unrealistic.

What to do? Sit down and think: “are my expectations too high?”. Because in very many cases they are! We can achieve many things we want, but unfortunately we cannot all be successful movie stars or billionaires. So do not be harsh to yourself and be realistic.


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